The laboratory is currently involved in:


    • performing spirometry as a diagnostic test to patients* of the
        1. Colombo North Teaching Hospital
        2. other state hospitals in the vicinity
        3. private sector

      * This is the only centre in the country that provides a detailed interpretation in addition to the machine generated report.


    • conducting training programmes (techniques and interpretation of spirometry) for
        1. undergraduate students
        2. postgraduate trainees (of the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine)
        3. postgraduate students reading for MPhils, MDs and PhDs in respiratory physiology
        4. technicians
        5. medical officers

      in both state and private sectors

    • research activities related to respiratory physiology and pulmonary function testing

The lung function laboratory remains under the department of physiology. The laboratory charges a fee for the investigations provided. The maintenance and expansion of the laboratory is carried out with the funds generated by the laboratory, research grants and donations

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